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In Our Own Words is a project born out of the Cultural Lab Innovation Fund that seeks to use storytelling to (1) empower the AAPI community to claim their own narratives, and (2) bring needed awareness to the history, experiences, and diversity of the AAPI community at Harvard. This group, composed of Harvard alumni, students, faculty, and staff, are looking for stories from the Harvard AAPI community because there is nothing more powerful than sharing lived experiences.
In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words

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In Our Own Words seeks to harness the power of storytelling to celebrate and bring awareness to the history, experiences, and diversity within the AAPI community.

Stories from AAPI community members at Harvard will be collected, archived, and compiled into a virtual platform that will also feature Harvard’s records and materials about AAPI history and culture.

This project will culminate in a live storytelling event to heal and rebuild the community in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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